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VideoTonez by muz the ultimate media app.

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No More Old Music Ringtones, Boring ringtones, No more buying ringtones, No More MP3's, No More Hassle's, the new Ringtone is here. The Music Ringtone Evolution has began.

VideoTonez by muz is the ultimate media & entertainment ringtone app. Download it now FREE!

Watch, discover & share your favorite music videos whenever you want, wherever you are.

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MUZ Videotonez plays music videos (or any MP4, FLV, 3gp format video) for incoming calls. Use your own videos from your sd card, edit and add another soundtrack (MP3), then add it as your incoming Video Ringtone. You can also select individual videotones to specific contacts, for example set a Carrie Underwood's Mama Song for your Mom.

Why a Ringtone? The future is here with Videotonez, don't stay behind with a old useless boring ringtone, update to the new way to answer your phone.

MUZ VideoTonez is simple, and it's FREE. No more boring old ringtones

Video Content is not provided by MUZ VideoTonez. Videotonez provides a simple interface to search worldwide, download millions of free and quality Music Videos.

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* Over 2000 Music Video Music Ringtones
* Multiple search engines
* Create your own Videotone (Video Ringtone) and assign to specific contacts.
* Shuffle feature (long press allows you to setup playlist)
* Share your selections easily with friends via Twitter & Facebook
* Artist Video featured
* My Files (delete your videotonez)

WARNING! It is forbidden to distribute videos that:
- are protected by copyright;
- contain explicit sex scenes or pornography;
- discredit the reputation and dignity of others;
- contain advertising material;
- offend the religious beliefs of others;
- may be defamatory, degrading or offensive to others, or society as a whole.

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What is Muz Videotonez?
Muz Videotonez is the world’s leading video ringtone platform.
Muz Videotonez is available in the Android Market and Blackberry App World. Muz Videotonez enpowers user to set music videos to play for any incoming call. A Video Ringtone. Videotonez allows user to custom build a Video Ringtone using their very own videos and music located on the devices sd card.

Muz Videotonez was created to give users the freedom and ultimate control over their favorite music. Muz Videotonez is operated independently with offices in New York, Miami and Orlando. MUZ features the most extensive catalog of music content found everywhere on the web. Please stay tuned as Videotonez becomes a leading provider for Video Ringtones.

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